1. Brett Johnson - Illusion

  2. Lost But Not Forgotten Vol.2

  3. Lost But Not Forgotten Vol. 1

  4. Cynosure 20 years - Act Your Age

  5. Brett Johnson | I Was Told There'd Be Cake EP | HT019

  6. Hi, How R U?

  7. Too Drool For Cool EP

  8. The Bounce Is Back

  9. Brett Johnson - Open Your Heart

  10. Brett Johnson - Paper Love

  11. The Secret Place

  12. Brett Johnson - Sunrise Inside

  13. Brett Johnson - Exit 51

  14. Exit 51 (Unreleased Dub)

  15. On The Highway 2013 Remixes

  16. Broken (2013 Remixes)
    Brett Johnson, Dave Barker, Phil Weeks

  17. Furtherer (BJ's Unreleased Spaced Out Mix)

  18. Move Power EP

  19. Vibe (Brett Johnson Remix)
    Mateo & Matos & Brett Johnson

  20. Someday EP

  21. Got Bleep? EP

  22. Night Trippers Guide To The Galaxy EP
    Brett Johnson, Massi DL

  23. Blast From The Past EP

  24. Uncle Big Boy EP

  25. Gypsy Blue

  26. Implied Connectivity EP

  27. Oram Daze EP

  28. Inside-Out EP

  29. On The Highway

  30. Love Vibe (Brett Johnson's Unreleased Fun Dub)
    Iz & Diz

  31. Life In The Emerald City EP

  32. Best Intentions For Failed Inventions

  33. Un-Quantized Mindz EP

  34. Brett Johnson - I Ate Cat Food

  35. Everything's Electric (Remixes)
    Brett Johnson & DJ Heather

  36. It's The Underground

  37. It Was You (Remixes)
    Brett Johnson , JT Donaldson

  38. Where Are You Going? (Remixes)
    Freaks, SUMO

  39. Broken (Remixes)
    Brett Johnson, Dave Barker, Tony Senghore

  40. Selected Moments From The Nu House
    Brett Johnson & Dave Barker

  41. Stucco Homes
    Brett Johnson, Dave Barker, Freaks, Luke Solomon, James Curd, Chuck Daniels

  42. Old Friends EP
    Brett Johnson, Demarkus Lewis and Adam White

  43. Yesterday EP

  44. Right Turn Left Turn EP

  45. Bubblegum Bounce Remixes
    Bionic Bump Band, Brett Johnson

  46. Lavish Habits - The Theme (BJ Remixes)
    Lavish Habits & Brett Johnson

  47. Me Talk Pretty One Day EP

  48. Sweet And Sour Sessions

  49. Bounce!

  50. Indian In My Faucet

  51. Mind Games Remixes
    Formidable Force, Brett Johnson

  52. Forever Young E.P.

  53. The Hello EP
    Brett Johnson, Waric Cameron

  54. Lovin' Life
    Billy Sprockets

  55. We Need To Get Wild! (Original Mix)

  56. And Now The Left E.P.

  57. Find Your Love
    Home & Garden, Luke Sardello, Brett Johnson, Colette, Adam White


Brett Johnson Austin, Texas

I make things that glow in the dark.

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